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Laurie Burton on Clearly Influential

Taking the Stage with Confidence and Conviction from an Actor’s POV

Taking the Stage with Confidence and Conviction from an Actor’s Point of View

Today’s Guest: Laurie Burton

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What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you on stage? For most of us, nothing notable has ever happened, yet a majority of the population still experiences fear when asked to address a large group.  As a public speaking instructor, I’ve seen students experience some anxiety surrounding speech day. I’ve seen crying, hysterical laughing, and I’ve even had someone faint on stage. It’s normal. And, it isn’t just students. Some grown men and women experience stage fright as well.

Luckily, most of us don’t ever experience extreme anxiety, the kind that leads to physical symptoms severe enough to draw attention from our audience.

But, many of us do alter our delivery because of our nerves. Sometimes it is as little as a quiet voice, or an increase in pace. Sometimes its the death grip on the podium. Sometimes, the tension is just so distracting that we aren’t able to be ourselves. The result? Our speech is void of any personality, we lose the chance to connect with our audience, making our message far less effective.

Tension can affect us when we’re on stage, sure, but it can also affect smaller settings, such as group communication, video recordings or even one-on-one.

For over 30 years, Laurie Burton has been telling and showing individuals and groups, CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, college students and clients how to take the stage with confidence and conviction, using the art of expressive communication

Today, Laurie shares some activities that you can do to improve your expressive communication and overcome that tension. She draws on her experience as an actress to show us how to put emotions behind our words, even when in a tense situation. Laurie also shares multiple videos to help you master the hand shake and introduction and you can find those in the show notes at clearly – look for episode 5.

Quick Tip:

Improve your handshake – see the video below!


[Book] Presenting You by Laurie Burton

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About the Author Sandy Donovan

Sandy empowers the young and talented to increase their power and influence by improving their ability to be heard and be clear. She does this by providing access to rigorously tested research in the communication, psychology, and marketing fields.

  • Great episode, Sandy! And thank you so much for the incredible tips, Laurie! I will be putting your lessons on improving your expressive communication to good use!

    • ClearlyInfluential

      Thanks for the comment, Kate. I hope you’re able to apply this. Did I hear correctly that you have some speaking engagements coming up this year?? 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about it!

  • Justin Williams

    Another Great episode Sandy! those tips were so good. Even though I don’t speak on stage it doesn’t mean I cannot apply these. thanks for sharing this.!

    • ClearlyInfluential

      Right – you can definitely use these off the stage. And who knows, you might just be on stage one day! Never know!

  • I plan on doing public speaking some time this year, so this is really good timing. From the handshake tips to your location related to the podium, all gold here. Going to listen to this again and this time take notes! Great show. Thank you!

    • ClearlyInfluential

      I hope it helps, Paul!

  • I wish I had read this 18 months ago. I went for the “interview” of my life. Three days including giving a presentation and the application of these tips would really have helped. Thanks for sharing this, I use so many of these tips now.

    • ClearlyInfluential

      I’m glad you’ve discovered these. Laurie has some great advice for all areas of communication.

  • Maritza Parra

    Love this episode! And the instructional videos are so great – Thank you!!

    • ClearlyInfluential

      Thanks for the comment Maritza!

  • A handshake… is one of the first impressions that people have with you. A good firm handshake shows confidence, leadership, and a good business sense. Great episode and love the videos!

    • ClearlyInfluential

      Thanks for listening, Anthony!

  • FireStarters

    So much great advice here! Getting out from behind the podium is one of my favorites here. It feels like the presenter wants to become your friend instead of merely a speaker. I will definitely use this technique the next time I present. Appreciated the instructional videos, thanks for including them.

    • ClearlyInfluential

      Thanks for commenting. Coming out from behind the podium gives such a different feeling – more friendly and approachable, just like you said! I hope you’re able to take something from this episode!