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Write copy that sells with Julie Boswell

Julie BoswellWrite copy that sells

Featured Guest: Julie Boswell

If you have a website, if you have even any sort of online presence, or if you write anything at all – like letters, or flyers – this is going to help you get the most return from any of these materials.

For nearly 4 years Julie Boswell was the right hand implementer of renowned copywriter and direct response marketer Bill Glazer. As the Director of Marketing for Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle she directed and executed ALL of the company’s marketing efforts including filling nearly 1,000 seats at their two annual National events, the SuperConferenceSM and the Info-SUMMITSM. She also wrote several very successful campaigns for them including the now famous Roving Reporter campaign which generated over $80,000.00 in sales in just a few days.

With a keen focus on human buying behavior, Julie now operates her own thriving copywriting and consulting business fulltime helping all sorts of entrepreneurs (from doctors & lawyers to coaches and consultants, real estate investors, and even a hypnotist!) grow their businesses through effective marketing strategy and compelling direct response marketing campaigns.

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