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Win at business and life with John Murphy


Win at business and life with John Murphy

Welcome everyone to episode 48 of The Clearly Influential Podcast – I can’t believe we’re coming up on episode 50, as well as almost a year of podcasting. Thank you all so much for being a part of this journey with me.

On today’s show we’re talking about winning at business and life, and we’ve broken this all down to 2 very specific ways that we can do this. John talks about values – incorporating values into our business, and how that gets us to what we want in life.

We also talk about habit and what habits can do for our business goals. John also tells us the three things that he’s found in all of the successful people he works with have in common and how we can apply that to our own life.

John Murphy is a results oriented business coach to CEOs and Senior Executives, and his business is truly international with clients all over the world. John is fortunate to run his business from the beautiful South of France. John’s passion is to help his clients win in their business, and in their lives. He is a strong proponent of incorporating development in the area of emotional intelligence.

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