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Add a human touch to your online communication with Jill Shiefelbein

Jill Schiefelbein, Founder, The Dynamic CommunicatorAdd a human touch to your online communication with Jill Shiefelbein

Today is all about connecting and forming meaningful relationships – relationships that can open the door to opportunities, collaboration and growth – by using the technology that we have available to us.

Combine an entrepreneurial thinker, a college professor, a professional speaker and a communication expert, and you get Jill Schiefelbein. With eight years of business-building, ten years of university teaching, sixteen years of speaking experience and a desire to help businesses reach their goals, Jill is uniquely positioned to help you and your business utilize dynamic communication to accelerate results. She is the author of two books, Business and Professional Communication in the Global Workplace(Cengage-Wadsworth, 2009) and The Athlete’s Media Playbook (Impromptu Guru, 2013).

Today, we chat about adding the human touch when using technology to communicate. I wanted to ask Jill about this because I know that it is important for all of you who are wanting to grow your business and establish an online presence. Jill also answers the question: how do we find out true voice and express that online?

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