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Grow your business with webinars and teleseminars with Jeannie Spiro


Grow your business with webinars and teleseminars with Jeannie Spiro

Hey everyone, what’s up, it’s Sandy here on episode 49 of The Clearly Influential Podcast where you’ll learn all about improving your bottom line just by improving your communication strategy.

Sometimes we talk about how to do this indirectly, but today, we’re really talking about direct communication to book clients – through webinars and teleseminars.

Now, we’ve been talking about speaking a lot recently, and I have a really cool opportunity for you if you are interested in learning how to create and deliver presentations that get results. What do I mean by results? I mean clients, lead opt-ins, more speaking opportunities and amazing and powerful reactions from the audience. I recently had a client deliver her very first keynote. It was her very first time on the stage. I coached her through it and she received a standing ovation and got offered additional speaking opportunities – on her first time on the stage! Pretty amazing. So, I took some of the questions that she had as a new speaker and I created a video series that you can get, for free, today – it’s available at Head on over there and get access to it. The first video is out now, but you’ll get access to all of them on that page.

Jeannie Spiro is an Online Business Coach and Speaker specializing in helping coaches, consultants and small business owners design, sell and profit from their signature talk. As the founder of the Create Profitable Signature Talks System, she teaches her 5-step formula to getting clients from speaking.

She now teaches others who have a passion, genius, process or thing they do how to craft a magnetic talk to attract clients and sell their products, programs and services. 
She is also the founder of the 7 Proven Steps to Speak Your Way to More Clients, a FREE cheat sheet to help you learn how to use speaking to attract more clients. To get the cheat sheet go to: or learn more about Jeannie and her programs at:

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About the Author Sandy Donovan

Sandy empowers the young and talented to increase their power and influence by improving their ability to be heard and be clear. She does this by providing access to rigorously tested research in the communication, psychology, and marketing fields.