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Underused scientific strategies that make you a more effective influencer: Episode 2 with Brian Ahearn

Underused scientific strategies that will make you a more effective influencer: Episode 2 with Brian Ahearn

Influence PEOPLE Brian Ahearn

Learn how to influence PEOPLE with these scientifically backed strategies.

Brian Ahearn

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Influence PEOPLE

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One thing I’ve learned from being a parent of a three year old is that human nature doesn’t change much from the time we are toddlers, through the time we are adults. Although we might control ourselves better, we’re very much the same. I have a 3 year old son, named Danard. He is the fourth in a line of Danards. Like most every other three year old, he wants what he wants and has a really tough time accepting when things don’t go his way. What is really fun about this stage is watching him learn how to improve his negotiating skills, or watching which tactics he employs to get others to agree with him, to get him toys, or sweets, or whatever.

Our desire to have it our way, doesn’t change much throughout our lives. Our wants might change, but we have all seen grownups react with the same dramatic response of a toddler when a business deal falls through, or their significant other disappoints them, and so on. We just hate not getting our way.

Today, we’re going to learn just how we can get our way, through the science of ethical persuasion.

Our guest today is Brian Ahearn. He is a Senior Sales Consultant with State Auto Insurance. He specializes in sales and customer service training, with an emphasis on applying influence and persuasion in everyday situations. He is one of 20 individuals in the world who currently holds the Cialdini Method Certified Trainer® designation. This specialization in the psychology of persuasion was earned directly from Robert B. Cialdini, PhD. – the recognized authority on the science of ethical persuasion. In addition to training people for nearly twenty years. Brian is a sales coach to State Auto’s regional vice presidents across the country.

Outside of State Auto Brian started Influence PEOPLE where he trains, coaches and consults with people and organizations to help them learn to apply the science of influence. He writes a weekly blog called Influence PEOPLE which has readers in more than 190 countries. Influence PEOPLE was named one of the Top 30 Psychology Blogs of 2012 by the Online Psychology Degree Guide.

There are actually scientifically proven strategies that you can use to hear “yes” more often and reduce the resistance you get from others. Today, we’ll learn just some of those strategies. We will focus on the principles of persuasion, including learning how you can increase the likelihood that others will like you.

Notable Quotes and Notes 

Whatever it is that you’re doing, you’re interacting with human beings. Psychology is incredibly important.

Persuasion is important for more than just your career.

If you begin to pay attention to how people communicate, you’ll begin to see that if it was all common sense, they’d be doing a much better job. If you begin to pay attention to how people communicate, you’ll begin to see that if it was all common sense, they’d be doing a much better job. If you begin to pay attention to how ppl communicate, you’ll begin to see that if it was all common sense, they’d be doing a much better job.

If you get resistance when you ask people to change, you need to change your approach to get results.

People want to be liked. The challenge is, people don’t always know how to make that happen.

You’ll also hear on the show…

3 Tips for getting others to like you.

Quick Tips:

Compliment others.

Thank others.

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One thing you can do RIGHT NOW:

Show appreciation for someone who has recently done something for you, or who has done a really great job on something.

Resources from guest:

Book: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Influence PEOPLE

Brian’s YouTube Channel


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Improve online credibility with Shauna MacKenzie

Shauna MacKenzie

Shauna MacKenzie talks impression management on the Clearly Influential Podcast!

Guest: Shauna MacKenzie of Best Kept Self – Turning Experts into Entrepreneurs

How much time do you spend getting ready to leave the house? If you’re like me, it takes at least an hour for me to get ready.

We all want to put our best face forward. We know that it is important. We know that people will judge us based on what we’re wearing, how we do our hair, and how we carry ourselves.

We want to make a good first impression!

But are you putting the same care into your online appearance?

Today’s guest is an expert in helping entrepreneurs improve their online credibility. In her experience, she’s found that making a great online impression just doesn’t come natural for most people.  But, today she reveals some simple things that we can do to enhance our online appearance.

Shauna MacKenzie is a communication specialist and entrepreneur. She specializes in four areas: image consulting, personal branding, nonverbal communication, and helping experts turn their expertise into entrepreneurial ventures. She has an MA in communication and leadership studies from Gonzaga University and a BA in communication studies from the University of Iowa. She recently completed research in the area of establishing credibility online through impression management strategies.

 Things you’ll learn in this episode

-The real reason transparency is so important online Tweet it!

-One thing to change if you’re not getting interaction on your website Tweet it!

-Shauna found one commonality among successful online entrepreneurs offering a service – do you share this commonality?

-The three things you need to be successful online

Notable Quotes

Most entrepreneurs are having a hard time understanding how [their impression] translates online Tweet it!

One thing you can do right now to make a better online impression:

Reveal your personal life on social media for a boost in engagement – fast!  Tweet it! – Listen for details!

 Shauna’s Recommended Resources

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Derek Halpern

Connect with Today’s Guest

Best Kept Self to learn more about Shauna

Or connect with Shauna on Twitter @MsShaunaMack

Next Step

Do you want to become influential? Find  more tips here – plus some free templates to make crafting messages a breeze. Get them here!


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