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Overcome limiting beliefs with Brian Holmes

HolmesBrian_headshotOvercome limiting beliefs with Brian Holmes

Hey everyone, welcome back to episode 51 of the clearly influential podcast. As you might know, today is going to be our last episode of season 1. We’re taking a little break and we’ll be back with season 2 later on in the year. Now, don’t be sad because season 2 is going to be very exciting. We’ll have a slightly different format, we’re making some changes – all for the better, and basically, we’re just moving on up in the world. If you want to know when that starts, I have a special offer for anyone who wants to join my launch team. You’ll have free access to all of the videos and other materials in my self-study version of the Content Clarity Formula which is meant to teach you how to become an amazing presenter. So, if speaking is part of your marketing plan, or if it’s going to be, and you want to learn how to create and deliver amazing presentations every single time you take the stage, here’s your chance to do it for free. You can join my launch team, get the course and it’s a win-win for all of us. Sign up at for more info.

Oooooook…. so today, wow, big episode today about overcoming your own mind, your own limiting beliefs to get yourself to the next level in life. Our guest today, Brian Holmes, believes that everyone has a next level waiting for them, and we just have to change our thinking so we can allow ourselves to grow and move into that level.

We talked about balancing living in the moment and feeling grateful with that desire to move to the next level and discuss practical tips for doing so.

We also talked about limiting beliefs, how they’re formed, how to uncover them and how to move forward. I also asked Brian a very personal question about an issue that I’ve been having lately in moving forward in my own business. So who is Brian Holmes?

Brian Holmes the Founder and President of the Strategic Living Institute (SLI), a life changing organization dedicated to teaching people to harness the power and potential that God has given them. SLIs mission and method is revolutionary, providing individuals the opportunity and means to receive inner life healing, purpose specific training and development, and the practical activation necessary to be mobilized as leaders of cultural transformation.

Brian is an author and speaker; a Certified Life, Business, and Leadership Coach; a Master Coach Trainer; and mentor to people in all fields.

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